Network Installation and Support

Why You Should Use Us

LAN Solutions has been installing computer networks and supporting them for small to medium business throughout Sydney for over ten years. We supply quality products specific to your needs taking into consideration the manufactures warranty obligations to ensure you get the best after sales service and support possible. In conjunction we supply one year onsite warranty that further ensures that you receive the service you expect.

Data Cabling & Secure Wireless Networking

Installing high speed internal infrastructure or extending the reach of existing cabled networks and implementing secure wireless networks.


Business Model

We have developed our business model over years of supporting business and consider it second to none, never overbooking call out support staff as to ensure that you get prompt service on the same day ninety percent of the time. Only making one morning booking per day per technician enables us to act on the unforeseen errors that happen as afternoons are generally free to attend.

Effective Support

LAN Solutions provides a wide range of services enabling us to resolve as many issues as possible in house, minimizing the external organizations you have to involve whilst getting your problems resolved. That is why we provide services such as Domain Hosting and Domain Registration. This enables us to resolve most email and website issues providing a one stop support service for you.


Network Installation

Network Installation is more than just placing PC’s into position and plugging them into the infrastructure. It involves Ergonomics, Occupational Health and Safety, Common-sense and more. Our staff are certified in Network Management and Administrating, these two qualification incorporate the above mentioned and many more subjects, this provides us with a sound footing and skill level to provide you with the advice you need.

Productivity is linked to Staff Training

Network Installation and support also cannot be supplied effectively without Staff Training, Our staff are also certified in Assessment and Work Place Training, this enables us to supply effective support and training to your staff on Windows Operating Systems. This will enable your staff to utilize the PC’s functions in there day to day office duties which intern will maximize your company’s productivity and output.