Data Backup and Security Solutions

Is your Data Backed Up and Secure

Backups are probably the most important and at the same time the most overlooked part of your computer network or stand alone workstation. How would you organization cope if all of its existing data was lost? Have you got a Backup procedure in place? if the answer is YES you need to ask yourself the following questions, if your answer is NO you need to act now:

  • What data am I actually backing up, emails? myob? letters?
  • Have I tried to recover data from my backups lately or ever
  • How do I know it is being done successfully
  • How many copies of my data are there and how far back can I recover
  • What data do I loose if all of my computers are stolen
  • Are my backup being stored in a secure location
  • What happens if my building burns down or floods
  • Who is responsible for the Data Backup in my organization
  • Is the data stored on the workstations in my network being backed up

If you don’t know the answer to one or several of these questions your data is at risk and this is a problem you need to address. Find out how you can secure all of the important data in you organization before it is to late because once it’s gone it’s gone for ever!

Another important aspect of any backup solution is that personnel responsible receive notification automatically upon its completion, weather it was successful or not. This allows action to be taken to address any problem and ensures the security of your data.